We all wish we had more time.  

Time to ourselves.  Time to relax. Time to engage in our hobbies.  Time to do whatever we want to do.

Well, now we have it.

Because of the quarantine, many of us are locked down in our own home with nothing but a ton of extra time and nowhere to go.

So are most people using it to do all those things they wish they had time to do before?

Nope.   They’re using it to binge-watch Netflix.  

This Coronavirus crisis, as bad as it is, is an opportunity.   Don’t waste it.

Always wanted to lose a few pounds?  Start working out at home. There’s a TON of free at-home workouts online right now.

Want to learn a new skill?  Youtube still works. Get on there and learn something.

Need to find additional sources of income?  Get to work on your side hustle, writing that book you always said you’d write, or start selling online.  

-Play board games with your kids.

-Read some of those books gathering dust on your shelf.

-FaceTime with someone you haven’t seen in a while.

-Make a Corona baby.  (Seriously, there’s going to be a huge baby boom come December!)

-Go outside and play ball in the yard.

-Read your Bible.

Most people will waste this time, however long it may be, on self-indulgent, instantly gratifying activities.  

Don’t you be one of them.

May this also be a reminder of how little time we have here on Earth.  Thousands have already died and many more will in the ensuing weeks.

Reflect on your life and the time you have left.  Are there changes you need to make? Are there people you need to make peace with? Do you need to get right with God?

Do it now, extra time is promised to no one.

Take advantage of this time you’ve received.

This is the best opportunity you’ve been given, maybe ever, to improve yourself and your family.  

Time is a nonrenewable resource.  It is an ever diminishing asset.

Spend it wisely.

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