Failure Is Not An Option

My favorite movie is Apollo 13. I was about 10 when it came out and I was obsessed with NASA and space. 

There’s a scene in the film where Flight Director, Gene Kranz, played by Ed Harris, is talking to his controllers about options for bringing the three astronauts safely home after their spaceship was damaged by an explosion. 

At the end of his inspiring speech he exclaims, “FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION”. 

Failure was not going to be accepted or even considered.  No way was he or his team going to allow those three astronauts to die in space.  Success was the only outcome possible. There was no “Plan B”.  There was no “second chance”.  Don’t even consider contingency plans for failure, because it is NOT going to happen.

Often in life, this is the attitude we must embrace.

Failure Is Not An Option.

We have to go all in and stop at nothing until our goals are achieved.

There can be no “Plan B”.  There can be no safety net.  There can be no second chance.

We have to put failure out of our minds.  Don’t even consider it.  

If failure is an option, if there is a “Plan B”, in the back of your mind, there’s an easy way out.  

You cannot take that route.  You must have a singular focus on success.

This is the attitude we must take on in order to defeat sexual addiction.  There is no option for you to fail.  If you can accept failure, if you are willing to take that second option, you won’t have the strength and determination you need to win the battle.

Your mindset must be to achieve one outcome and one outcome only; Victory.

A few years back, my wife and I separated for almost a year.  This was mainly due to my addiction. It was right when I was starting my final year of college and getting ready to begin my career.  I was facing the trauma of my marriage possibly being over, my addiction was still in full swing, and now I had a six year old and a three year old to care for on my own.  I was taking 21 credit hours a semester.  I worked a full-time job and a part time job, plus on-call hours overnight.  

It was the craziest time of my life.  

But I made it through.     How?

Failure was not an option.

I could not afford to fail.  I had to take care of my kids. I had to make money to support them and I had to try to save my marriage. 

Trust me, it would have been easier to admit defeat and throw in the towel.  But I’d have been left with a broken family, a failed marriage, and no career. 

I adopted the mindset that failure was not an option and I pushed through.

I not only made it through this challenging time in my life, I flourished.  I graduated from college Summa Cum Laude with a 4.0 GPA and was selected Student of the Year.  I was able to repair my marriage and my wife and re-united.

But it took singular focus and determination to win.  I could not consider failure.

If you’re facing a similar battle, if your family life is in jeopardy, if you must break free from addiction, you must embrace the same mindset.

When you’re tempted to take the easy path, when you consider that it is OK to fail, when you are faced with accepting less than victory, you must adapt the same mindset that those incredible scientists and astronauts did.  Your mission is to succeed.  Nothing else will do.

Failure is not an option.  

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