The Silent Cancer

There is something silently running rampant through today’s society.  It is ruining marriages, destroying families, and weakening men. And not enough people are even talking about it let alone fighting against it.   This secret cancer of which I speak is porn.  

Pornography use in the world today is an epidemic.   Gone are the days where guys had to sneak into an adult theater or go behind the curtain at the video rental store.  You don’t have to steal your dad’s Playboy magazine anymore to get a glimpse. Hardcore pornography is accessible instantly, for free, from any device with an internet connection.  

A recent study showed that 68% of Christian men regularly view porn, including 50% of pastors.  The largest age group by consumption are minor males aged 11-17.  This is an epidemic destroying the fabric of American men. And we must fight back.  

I have battled with pornography addiction for almost my entire teenage and adult life.  And it didn’t stop there, it spiraled into a full on sex addiction and led to many sins that I am so ashamed to admit I hate even think about it.   I had tried for years to stop, to gain control, to turn my life around. I sought counseling. I prayed harder. I tried harder. Nothing worked. I couldn’t overcome it.  I was stuck in an endless cycle of addiction.  

Millions of men are fighting the same battle and they are losing.  Porn use is now just seen a “normal” thing that guys do. In fact, some “experts” are even saying it’s HEALTHY for men!  

Brothers, we cannot continue to sit silent while this cancer silently wreaks havoc on men.  I have seen what damage porn can do. It nearly destroyed my marriage. It almost broke up my family.  It leads to emotional, and psychological problems that the medical community is only beginning to understand.  It’s causing erectile dysfunction in teenagers! It’s affect on the brain is similar to that of hardcore drug users and has been shown to be equally as addictive. It is not “harmless”. 

It’s all based on a lie!  The lie is that porn is saying that YOU are having sex with that hot model.  Porn won’t reject you. Porn doesn’t care if you’ve put on a few pounds or are so socially awkward that you can’t even talk to a real woman.  It drives your further into isolation and further from reality. In many men, porn addiction, or any addiction, is covering up a wound that we just can’t deal with. 

The truth is that porn is sin.  It corrupts your mind, literally.   It is a gateway drug to other sinful behavior.  It is pure lust. The Bible tells us to FLEE from sexual immorality.  Not just turn it off. Not just turn a blind eye, but flee from it.  Run away.

Men around the world have found out the hard way that porn is a cancer and destroying their lives. They aren’t all from religious circles either. Movements like NoFap are gaining traction as well and ideas like semen retention.  

It’s time we fight back.  Through shame and guilt, this silent cancer has silently reaped wreckage upon men’s lives.  

Therefore, I’m asking men to join me in a challenge.  Live Porn Free. It won’t be easy. There’s a strong chance of falling short. But when men band together as brothers, when they seek God’s strength and forgiveness, anything is possible.   

I challenge YOU to join me in fighting back against the cancer of porn.  

PORN FREE 2020.  

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