Small Victories in a Larger War

The anti-porn movement won two major victories in the last few days.

First, last Thursday, Mastercard and Visa announced they will stop allowing their cards to be used on Pornhub due to the website hosting videos of child abuse and rape.  Discover quickly followed suit.

This could potentially cause some financial problems for Pornhub as it basically prevents anyone from purchasing their premium and webcam services. How else is someone going to buy something online if they can’t use a debit/credit card?

While this is great news, unfortunately the vast majority of content on Pornhub is offered for free and paid for through advertisements, much like YouTube and the main social media platforms.  

So this won’t stop most people from being able to access porn on Pornhub.  BUT, it is a chink in the armor.  Pornhub was once considered untouchable, a behemoth that no one could take down.  This move by the major credit card companies at least shows a line has been drawn in the sand for illegal content.

The second win came on Monday when Pornhub removed all “unverified” videos on it’s platform.

This action deleted all videos not uploaded by a verified user, which means that anyone can no longer simply upload a video.  This will help them ensure that video content does not include illegal activity or child abuse.

This is certainly good news as it removed a lot of horrific content, however, it doesn’t change much moving forward.  To be verified, all one has to do is upload a picture of them holding a piece of paper with their handle on it to prove it’s them.  There is still no age verification or content review process.  It can stop some videos from being uploaded, but if someone still wants to add illegal content, all they have to do is “verify” themselves first.

Again, this is just a small win in a larger war, but it at least shows that society is not willing to accept blatant depictions of rape and abuse.  

Make no mistake, this IS a war we are in.  We are at war for the purity of men.  We are at war against the objectification of women.  We are at war to uphold Biblical values in our society.  

Yet this battle goes far beyond just trying to take down the major producers and distributors of pornography.  Just because something becomes harder to acquire, doesn’t mean that men won’t continue to search for it.

Look at the smoking industry.  They’ve been under attack for 50 years now.  There are more warning labels and education than ever against smoking, but millions and millions are still addicted.

Even if Pornhub was shut down tomorrow, there would still be millions of men addicted to porn.  Ending websites won’t solve the problem.


Porn addiction is a heart problem, not a habit problem. 

Porn addiction is a problem that can only be solved by addressing the issues in each individual’s life, not by banning or outlawing the vice.  

Men found a way to access porn long before the internet existed and will continue to find ways to indulge in sexual imagery regardless of difficulty or legality.

We must continue to fight for purity in our lives.  I will continue my mission of helping men break free from porn addiction and find the healing and redemption that I’ve found. 

Men must learn WHY they’re addicted and treat the inner wounds causing them to act out instead of simply treating symptoms by only trying to remove access to porn.

Removing access to porn will not cure an addiction.

Addiction is defeated by healing the wounds that we use porn to self medicate.  Addiction is defeated when we fight back with determination to make changes in our lives.  And addiction is defeated when we allow Jesus Christ to forgive us of our sin and make us pure in His sight.

THAT is how we win this larger war.

If you need help fighting this battle, you can reach out to me for help.  I have multiple resources to help you win the battle with porn addiction.

If you think one-on-one coaching can help you, email me at or Direct Message me on Twitter.

We will win this war one man at a time fighting one battle at a time.

Keep fighting brothers.

Never give up.

Published by Timothy Reigle

I’m Timothy Reigle, the founder of Into The Wilderness Ministries. After overcoming a fifteen year addiction to porn and sex, I have made it my life’s mission to help other men break free from the bonds of addiction. As an author, coach, and chaplain, I work with men to transform their lives by renewing their faith, re-energizing their families, and restoring their masculinity.

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