How To Use The Power of Visualization To See Your Goals

One of the best tools you can utilize to find success is to visualize your goals.  

Visualization allows you to see in your mind’s eye what you are working toward.  It allows you to see the end of the battle before you get there.  

Take a few minutes today and do this exercise:

I want you to write out two different word pictures.

First, I want you to write out what your life would be like in five years if you continue in your addiction.  Write down what your marriage or relationship would be like if you don’t solve this problem.  Write out where you’d be at emotionally, spiritually, and physically.  What negatives would happen if you continued down the path you’re on?

Second, write the complete opposite.  Write out a word picture of what your life would be like in five years if you defeated your addiction.  What would your marriage be like?  Where you be at spiritually and emotionally?  How much better off would you be financially?  What good things could happen if you decided to take the steps needed to overcome your addiction?

Which one would you rather see come true?

The second one obviously.   We all want to be free from the chains that bind us. We want to live the life we know we can live and the life God has called us to live.

Take these two paragraphs and keep them somewhere you’ll see them often.  Read through them regularly.  When you’re feeling down and think you’ll never overcome this addiction, read through them to remind yourself of what you’re working towards and what the consequences of losing the battle are.  

I was asked to do this exercise several years ago at the outset of my recovery.  I still look at it regularly.  It has kept me focused and diligent in my fight and helped me to recognize what would happen if I were to go back to my old habits.   

If I had kept on the path I was on, my marriage would have ended.  I would have been separated from my children.   My finances would have been in shambles.  I could have lost my career, my livelihood, and friendships.  I would have been miserable, depressed, sad, and still been addicted.  I would have been far away from God and without hope.

But instead, I fought hard for freedom.  My marriage is better than ever.  I’m a present and engaged father. I’m not wasting money on my addiction.  I’m thriving in my career and even growing several side incomes.  I’m physically healthier and stronger.  I’ve built and grown great friendships.  Most importantly, God is a daily part of my life.  He is leading my life, not my addiction.

I encourage you to take a few minutes to complete this exercise.  It puts this whole fight into perspective and allows you to visualize in your mind and on paper what you are battling for.

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