The Re-Read, Re-Write, Re-Word, Re-Apply Bible Reading Method

How often do you read your Bible?

If the answer is anything less than daily, you have some work to do.  

I know it can be hard to find the time.  I know some parts of the Bible aren’t exactly a page-turner.  But we need to immerse ourselves in Scripture daily.  

Brothers, everything we need to live a Godly life, a masculine life, and a fulfilling life is found in the pages of Scripture.  

However, you can read the Bible all day long, but if you don’t apply what you read to your life, you’re missing the point entirely.

I’ve found a method of reading, understanding, and applying Scripture that not only helps me read the Bible more but helps me to make sure I’m living out the principles it teaches.  

I call it the Re-Read, Re-Write, Re-Word, Re-Apply Method.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Re-Read:

Whatever passage of Scripture you are considering, re-read it several times.  Read it slowly, processing each word in your mind.  

I’ve often found it helps to re-read the verse(s) out loud.  Hearing them audibly helps you to further capture the passage.  

Re-reading makes sure you’re focusing on the passage and not just skimming over it.

  1. Re-Write:

Re-Write the passage out by hand.  

I previously talked about the importance of journaling and hand-writing a journal.  The same concept applies here.  

Writing the verse out by hand forces you to think through what you are writing. It makes you further process each word one by one.  

Writing by hand also aids in memorization.  Whenever I’m trying to memorize something, I always write it out by hand. 

The act of writing cements the passage into your mind.  

  1. Re-Word:

Re-Word the passage into your own vocabulary. 

Even modern translations of the Bible can be hard to comprehend sometimes.  Take the passage that you just wrote out by hand, and re-write it using words that you would use.  

Write down how you would describe the passage if you had to explain it to someone who had never read it before.  

Re-wording puts the passage into your perspective and thought patterns.

  1. Re-Apply:

Re-Apply the Bible passage to your life.  

How can you apply what the verses teach to your own life?  Where does it fit into what’s going on in your daily walk with Christ?  

It may be a passage you know well, but if you don’t apply the Biblical lessons to your life, you’re wasting your time.  

Write out how the verse applies to your life and what you can do to better live out the commands Scripture gives us.  

Reading the Bible is something every man must do every day.  The Bible is our guide, our how-to manual, and our road map.  

I encourage you to make it a part of your daily routine.  

I combine my Bible reading with my prayer, meditation, and journaling each night.  I’ve found it’s an effective way to clear my mind at the end of each day and to spend time with God.

Set aside time every day to read the Bible and use the Re-Read, Re-Write, Re-Word, and Re-Apply method to gain a better understanding of Scripture and how it applies to your life.

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