Be A Chad

This past week, a very interesting comment on a PornHub video went viral throughout the NoFap community.  

It was a comment by someone with the unfortunate username of Chad Thundercock.  While I can’t really congratulate Chad on his selection of a screen name, his comment was excellent. 

PornHub does not screen its users.  Anyone at any age can go on PornHub and anyone with a debit/credit card can subscribe to their premium service.  They are even giving away their premium option during the quarantine. 

This has opened the door for so many young men to get addicted to porn.  Not long ago, you had to at least put some effort into accessing porn.  You either had to be 18 and buy it yourself, or find a stash of Playboys from someone.  Now any boy – and let’s be real, these are young boys – with an internet connection has access to an unlimited supply of porn.  

This is what I’m fighting against.  These kids are getting addicted to porn before they’ve even gone on a first date!

This young boy commented on some video bragging about how he has premium PornHub while being only 13 years old.

Thankfully, Chad took the time to impart some wisdom on this youngster.

“Take some advice from someone a bit older than you: get out while you can. Porn can and will ruin your perception of sexual intimacy and it’ll take you a long time to recover.  I personally have had problems getting it up with a girlfriend as a result of my porn addiction. Don’t be like me.”

Wow.  Chad really laid it out for this kid to see.  He’s seen the damage porn addiction can do and doesn’t want another young man to succumb to its grasp.  

We really need more Chad Thunderc**k’s in today’s world.  We need older men, men who know the dangers of porn addiction, to reach out to young boys, teenagers, and adolescents to warn them about what they’re getting into.  

Society won’t do that.  They’ll tell these kids porn is natural, healthy and everyone does it.  They tell kids it is how to learn to be good at having sex.  They lie and say it’s just for fun and no one gets hurt.

But you and I, we know the truth.  We know porn is destroying men.  It’s damaging their emotional and physical health, it’s wrecking families and marriages, and leads to depression, anxiety, erectile dysfunction, and a whole host of other problems.

I know being a “Chad” is a bad thing in the internet world.  But if you have the opportunity to be a “Chad” and warn a young man about the dangers of pornography, please do so.  It could change his life.

We need to fight back and stop the plague of porn addiction.  One man at a time.

Stay strong brothers.  Keep Fighting.  NEVER GIVE UP.

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